General Sales Conditions of the Morane Tactical Shop (V1.1)

1- Introduction

The present general sales conditions apply to all the (intended) operations concluded between, on one hand, Morane Tactical (below called "Morane Tactical") and on the other hand, the people wishing to make a purchase via the web site (below called "the customer").

2 - Identification

Morane Tactical, Mr Thierry Dispas
Rue Saint-Jean en Isle 8, 4000 Liège
TVA BE 0863.869.627

3- Terminology

The services proposed by Morane Tactical on its web site, worth known the sale of products, will be called the "services".

Every person wishing to benefit from of the Morane Tactical services and having satisfied general terms of sale will be called the "customer".

Every order made by a customer according these conditions will be called "the order".

The "goods" indicate any product presented on the site.

4 - Generalities

The parts agree that their relations are exclusively governed by the present general sales conditions.

If a condition came to be lacking, it would be governed by the current uses in the sector of distance selling in Belgium.

The non-application of one or several parts of the present conditions can never be considered by the customer as a renunciation of these conditions.

The present conditions aim to define the modalities of sale between Morane Tactical and the customer, from the order to the services, via the payment and the delivery.

They settle all the necessary stages for the signing of the order and assure the follow-up of this order between the contracting parties.

Every user of the site who does not yet have a personal account, shall apply for it in order to obtain a customer access and make purchases.

The final validation of the order involves the acceptance of it by the customer in its entirety and at the indicated price. This validation is worth signature and express acceptance of all the operations made on the site.

The order is passed by the customer to Morane Tactical through the web site. The order can be recorded on the site only if the user clearly became identified via his name and his password.

5 - Recording of personal data

Any natural or legal entity, which registers on the web site as potential contracting party of Morane Tactical communicates its personal data to Morane Tactical.

The recording involves the explicit consent that its identification data can be handled by Morane Tactical. Only the moral or physical persons possessing the full capacity in law and to act can register.

During the process of recording, the natural or legal entity communicates a valid e-mail address as identifier and choses a password. This information is confirmed by the sending of a recapitulative e-mail by Morane Tactical to the customer.

The customer is responsible for the confidentiality, for the safety and for the use itself of his identifier and password. Any use of the identifier and the password of a customer is supposed to be made by this customer.

Morane Tactical can disable the use of the identifier in a temporary or permanent way, if it seems that the customer underestimates one or several measures of the present general conditions.

The person in charge of the personal data processing of the customer is:

Morane Tactical, Mr Thierry Dispas,

The processing of personal data in the backoffice of Morane Tactical is intended for the administration of the customers, the order processing, the deliveries, the invoicing, the material and immaterial services, the follow-up of the solvency and the advertising through the sending of a newsletter.

The customer has at any time the right to access his data and ask for rectification, as well as the right of opposition.

6 - Shown prices

All the information relative to products, as well as the prices are resumed on the descriptive form of every product.

The sale price of every product is expressed in euros.

The price shown on the Morane Tactical site includes the amount of the Belgian 21% VAT rate. This corresponds to the sale to an individual customer in Belgium.

The price does not include delivery costs.

7- Delivery costs

For customers inside Belgium, transport costs are calculated according to the total order amount and the place of delivery wished by the customer.

By default, the place of delivery is the home address of the customer.

For customers outside Belgium, delivery costs will be calculated individually.

In case of goods return, the delivery costs are always supported by the customer.

8 - Payments

Orders are paid either by bank transfer or by credit cards.

9-Property reserve

The goods remain the property of Morane Tactical up to complete payment of the amount due for the order.

10- Right of renunciation and return

The buyer has the right to notify Morane Tactical his renunciation of the purchase (in whole or in part) without paying a fine in a period of 14 days, starting the day after delivery.

Morane Tactical acknowledges receipt of this renunciation and the detail of the goods to be returned.

After acknowledgement of receipt by Morane Tactical, the customer is authorized to send back the goods to his expenses at the address resumed in the point 2.

The customer commits himself to make correct packaging in order not to damage the goods.

If the payment of the order was made in advance, Morane Tactical commits itself to pay back the amount of the goods returned to the bank account indicated by the customer.

11 - Disputes

Any dispute between Morane Tactical and the customer shall exclusively be treated by the Courts of Liège.